DIY Easter Egg Candles

Easter is just around the corner! If you are thinking about the egg decoration you have reach a perfect place. This easter light up your table with colourful egg candles. Egg shell candles are a beautiful idea for easter or spring centrepiece. Moreover, they are super easy and fun to make.

So let’s give eggshell candles a crack ( pun intended) πŸ˜‰

Supplies needed:

  1. Egg shells (any egg will do depending on the size you want, I am using white chicken egg)
  2. Paraffin wax
  3. Candle wick (4-5 inches)
  4. Crayons (optional)
  5. Essential oil (optional)
  6. Cups or glass
  7. Egg carton 
Step 1

Start with dry, empty egg shells. Make sure they are cleaned properly. Any eggs will do depending on the size you want, I am using white chicken eggs cause that is easily available.

Step 2

Select the crayon of the colour you want your candle to be. Grate or chop crayon into small pieces and add it to add cup. Fill the cup with wax flakes, then microwave with 1 minute intervals until the wax and crayon have completely melted. Add essential oils for fragrance and stir melted wax to incorporate the colour and oil well.

Step 3

Place the eggshells into an egg carton for them to stand well and add candle wicks to each.
Add candle wicks to each egg shells. Dip the metal tab of the wick into the melted wax before adding it to the egg shells. This will help secure the candle wick to the shell base.

Step 4

Pour the melted wax into the prepared eggshells carefully. The wax will be significantly cooler than what it was when you first took it out of the microwave, it is fine!

Step 5

Once the candles cool completely ( I let mine sit for 3 hours) carefully remove the eggshells and trim the wick.

Step 6

Your beautiful candles are now ready!

In addition, place it on your egg holder, basket or decorated the egg carton itself and place it on them for decor purpose.

Comment below your Easter decor ideas, I might try them myself. Besides that if you try this DIY for Easter, I would love to see it. Share them with me on Instagram or mail it to me. Also, to stay updated for more such DIY’s follow me on my social media and subscribe.

Happy Easter!

Prajakta xoxo

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  1. This is very innovative idea and the instructions are so simple to understand also this looks very professional.

  2. Make short and simple video cus its more catchy n easy to understand i guess overall good going 🀞🏼

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