About Me

Fascinated with interiors, décor and styling? Yes, you’re at the right page to consume yourself with a style which incorporates elegance, simplicity and relatability.

I am Prajakta Shinde, born and brought up in the city of everyone’s dreams, Mumbai, India. I am an interior designer and stylist. Been obsessed with cute houses, sophisticated apartments, appealing restaurants for as long as I can remember. And definitely to a nerdy extent.

When I was 5 years old, I cut images from interior magazines and stuck them together onto colourful scrapbook pages and planned different bedrooms. As I grew older, I started drawing layouts, undoubtedly, the amateur ones. Designing spaces has always been my dream and that is how I knew, it was time to turn my dream into my career.

The love for intricate details about interiors and talking about it happily for hours, whether it’s the perfect paint for the wall or the fabric upholstery for the sofa; what makes me the happiest is the smile on my clients’ faces after the completion of the project. Creating a whole new world for them and a space with personalized touch is something I would love to do forever!

You will see a lot of accessible design ideas and tips in this blog because I don’t have a “lottery- win” budget and I’m guessing that you don’t either. Doesn’t matter! In fact, when your funds are limited, it makes you more creative and allows you to think outside the box. And sometimes even get your hands a little dirty with the DIY awaiting you here.

Also, ever thought about the charming European houses or the cobbled streets? The interiors of worldwide restaurants and hotels or a glimpse of appealing décor designs? Here I share my travel itinerary, hacks and experiences from across the world. Putting my experiences and understandings into writing for you, from being an enthusiastic explorer and traveller. 

To stay updated you, follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. I truly believe that improvement is an everyday process and learning is going to be an everyday experience.

Hope you enjoy browsing my blog ‘HUNDRED AND ONE’ as much as I enjoy writing it for you- take the key and take a tour.
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Prajakta <3