Ways to Pull Off a White Living Room.

Hi, my beautiful readers. Being part of art and architecture field of profession I often get asked colour related questions by friends and clients like, my favourite colour, colour would I suggest, colour of my current room or the colour I would like my room to be in future and so on. Answering it for all today, IT IS WHITE. Ah! so peaceful. Further, I can possibly give you more than 13 reasons why but as of now please take that as a hint for my next festive and birthday gifts. Just kidding! πŸ˜‰

Timeless, fresh and high-toned are the words I would use to delineate the colour white. And by the end of this blog, you would agree with me too. We might see plenty of interior trends come and go as the years passes, but that shall never be the case with white walls. White is classic and shall never completely go out of style.

Moreover, white walls are practical on so many level. For more permanent features of the living room such as window frames, door frames and flooring. White compliments the neutrals beige and grey beautifully. Additionally, looks fresh and crisp with wooden and black contrast as well. Into the bargain, you can change the look of our entire living space every season at minimal cost by simply changing your accent colour- your accessories. A few cushion cover, curtain, vases, mat… Voila! A new look.

Here are my best-loved vibes for a white living room… trust me go for any style and you are going to feel spacious and airy.

1. Romantic Vibe

For a beautiful romantic vibe in white living room, bring in the soft pastel shades of pink in company of delicate accessories. One can also call this a ‘feminine vibe’ as floral wallpaper or art works against the white walls along with white or glass chandelier are the must haves for this look. When selecting the upholstery go for linen or fur, keep curtains light allowing plethora of natural light.

2. Coastal Vibe

Just like white shirt and blue denims in clothing, white and blue is the most popular look people go for in interior as well. Again, linen is the right choice fabric here with some blue throw cushions. As decor, seaside-inspired accessories, such as a porthole-style mirror, coastal picture frames, dried coral would do wonders. Also, don’t forget to add nautical stripe pattern to bring in the vibe.

3. Glam Vibe

Glam and glossy just go hand in hand. Ultra-modern, glossy schemes with metallic touches in furniture is what you should looking for when creating glam vibe. Mirror on the wall, perfect set of cushions, neutral rug, heavy velvet curtains, glass centre table, abstract artefacts all bring in the glam vibe to the white walls in the living room.

4. French Vibe

The permanent feature to have the French vibe would be beautiful boiserieΒ around the wall. However, layering of different shades of white, furniture with antique legs, wall mirrors with intricate frame work, fresh flowers, glass accessories are great to suit the vibe. Besides, don’t give the lighting a miss here- gold wall scones, table lamps and chandeliers are must haves for French vibe. I would call this ‘glam but country vibe’ as well.

5. Masculine Vibe

One can never go wrong with the yin-yang combination, black and white. However don’t be afraid to add greys and deep shades of blue with golds, tans and browns in accents as well. To further keep the masculine vibe intact keep the furniture modern sleek, seating in leather, heavy curtains, walls with bold paintings, geometric prints and ceiling with edgy industrial lights. Minimalism is the key here.

Lastly, the paint itself plays an important role here. I personally use Asian Paints which offers about 200 shades of white (Yes! white as plenty of shades to surprise you). You can check them out by clicking here- Shades of White by Asian Paints. *not sponsored The most commonly used shades by me are Cream Pie, White Cheese and Cosmic Dust. However it depends on various factors such as area, sunlight, shadows and more. Comment below if you would like to know more on it and your thoughts on this blog.

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Prajakta Shinde

Founder and Principal Designer

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  1. Hi Prajakta , once again, a beautiful subject . I really appreciate your style of writing, easy , elegant , free flowing .beauty of white colour explained by you is just amazing . Layman person like me started to take interest in your blog,is your achievement. Keep it up dear.

    1. So happy to read your comment. Appreciation is what really pushes me to write more. Thank you so much <3

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