Tips for Compact Bathroom Interiors

Looking for compact bathroom ideas? Hi there!

Just because you are not blessed with the generous square footage of the bathroom, which is now the most common problem of flats in Mumbai, doesn’t mean it can’t look grand and spacious.

Small bathrooms may seem like a difficult design task to take on; however, these spaces may introduce a clever design challenge to add to your plate. Creating a functional and storage-friendly bathroom may be just what your home needs.

Every design element in a small bathroom should have a purpose and be functional in some way or another to create a space-saving bathroom. The key is not to squeeze too much in.

So let’s dive into the design elements.

1. Plan your colour palette

When it’s time to buy the tiles for your bathroom or select the paint, make sure you make a colour palette in your mind. While white is the safest option to create the illusion of larger place it is also associated with cleanliness and high maintenance. So be wise. One can also experiment with pale colours and light textures to add interest, creativity and depth. One should create a neutral colour palette as the base theme for the bathroom. Neutral colours make the bathroom calm and aesthetically pleasing.

Photo by JOSBRA design on Unsplash
Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash

Using a designer highlight tile or a wallpaper (for dry powder room) will distract the eyes from the size of the bathroom and can be used as a focal point if neutrals are too boring for you.

To me a monochrome colour palette is the winning colour scheme in a small bathroom.

2. Trick the eyes with tiles

Talking about the selection of tiles, high gloss finish tiles can give the bathroom a light and spacious look as compared to the matt or sugar finish tiles. 

Photo by Laurel Home

The amount of space you have and what the eye perceives aren’t necessarily the same thing. Marble is particularly effective here, as it looks almost like one huge sheet and the individual tiles aren’t very obvious. Another clever trick to making a small bathroom look bigger is to use the same tiles on the walls and the floor.

3. Storage

Photo by Country Living

Functionality is the key for compact bathrooms. Opting for wall hung, compact units help achieve a feeling of openness. As more of floor is visible, the eye is tricked into seeing the space bigger and lighter. Have an under washbasin storage to hide the items ( like cleaning products) and floating shelves to add storage in a fashionable way. Recessed shelves are a great space saver, both practically and visually, keeping toiletries neat and off the surfaces. Wooden crates or woven baskets  are great to store and display products. They can also be stacked and displayed as accessories rather than stuff them in large cabinets, which occupy lot of space in the bathroom. Visit the link to shop my favourite storage organisers and up your game- Eco friendly Basket Organisers and Eco friendly Basket Bin

Remember to always declutter and minimise counter space by storing the personal products rather than displaying them. Here’s link to how you can do it- Beginners guide to de-clutter.

4. Accessories.

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

Choose accessories wisely. Too many accessories are not good too. Add pops of colour. If it’s a dry powder room, a painting would do wonders. If not showcasing colourful hand towels, towels or robes creates its own ambiance. Display a stylish soap dishes or holders, candles or vases for a designer touch. Tiny plant, a steam of flower or a succulent adds lot of liveliness to the otherwise tiny space. Also remember to select a beautiful mirror frame with an accent colour or shape for the vanity. Select big mirror size, mirrors can completely transform the look and feel of a room, as they reflect light and create the impression of larger space. It’s a great trick that interior designers use all the time.  

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Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash

Well, these were my tips and tricks to dream scheme bathroom in a compact space.

Let me know how you will be visually expanding your bathroom. Will you be using any of these small bathroom ideas? Comment below. Also subscribe to stay updated for more blog posts.

Prajakta xoxo

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