Why having messy room is not a good idea?

A kid who leaves toys on the floor and books out of place, a college student who slips random things where ever they find place, worse of all on the floor, and an adult who leaves the dirty laundry and dishes in the sink for long or expired products in the cabinets.

In some point of life most of us have been there – it’s called ‘ignored mess’.

Messiness grows on one person, until they are eventually unhappy of the space and plan to move out or get interior renovation done. But what is the root cause?

It is very important for a home to be healthy, tidy and positive to live in. Design and decor always comes next!

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Since childhood I have always heard my mom say “ a messy room is a devils paradise” and here’s why it is absolutely true.

Even though the researchers believe working in a messy room space increase creativity, allows people to break free and think out of the box. But what about the other factors? I, being an interior designer and stylist and a creative person since forever, believe tidy and organised places work equally better in terms of creativity and also productivity in long term. In fact messy rooms have more cons than the pros. Let’s learn about them.

1. Talks about your personality.
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Nobody would like to create a bad impression of one self and a messy room speaks volumes. A person walking into your room is definitely going to judge it and judge you. It shows your character flaw laziness, hopelessness and bad management skills. Not only that, it shows lower quality of living.

Your home is an open book for someone to read your lifestyle.

2. You feel depressed and fatigue more often.

Messy room can reflect on your mental health. Messiness can sometimes be a sign of depression and depressed people often feel too fatigued or hopeless to keep up with routine household tasks.

Depression can also make it harder to stay faced and have energy yo straighten up a room.

It’s a never ending circle and if you find yourself in it, tackle the mess first and find your way out of it.

3. Less healthy choices.

Living in an untidy place makes you mentally go for the easiest option available, even in eating habits. Thus it makes you eat more junk, unhealthy food. In fact various studies made says ‘if you are trying to improve your health, you might want to start by cleaning and organising your space first’

I know you are going to thank me for that tip 😉

4. Less inviting place.
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Imagine visiting someones house and having to make place for yourself. Used mug and dishes on the coffee table, pile of laundry on the sofa and dirty shoes all over the apartment. Will you visit that house again to just chill? Obvious no no.

A messy house reflects on how unwelcoming you are as a host.

5. You are likely to take wrong decisions.

Cluttered room is a sign of a cluttered mind. When there are too many unnecessary things around you, they add up to irrelevant thoughts to your mind, thus making it difficult to concentrate or focus on one thing, leading to a wrong decision.

In other words, these decisions are made in a haste, hence a waste.

6. Bad energy and fengshui of the house.

Clutter isn’t directly a part of fengshui cause back in the days, it didn’t exist. Only rich people could afford to buy extra belongings and so houses were generally kept minimal. However in the current situation, it is said to disturb the energy flow of the house.

Moreover, according to celebrity astrologer and vastu consultant, Pallavi Shinde- Mess in the room disturbs the Vastu planets of the house and here are a few example:

  1. old, torn clothes affects the power of Shukra (Venus)
  2. old, broken shoes affects the power of Shani (Saturn)
  3. dust, webs, dirt affects the power of Rahu

Now that you have reached the end, you have more than one reason to clean and mess free your space. Click here to know the easiest way to de-clutter. You may after all, be happier and healthier because of it. 

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Prajakta Shinde

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