Make your own Modern Industrial Diya this Diwali.

Heard of the phrase ‘like a kid in a candy store’? I am the kid in a decor store. In one way or another, I love decor- have always been happy and excited around it, about it. On top of that, being an interior designer and a stylist I get to visit the decor store very often. Dream come true!

Nonetheless, if are a decor lover like me, you know the industrial decor has really taken over the market. I truly like the idea of basic, raw concrete look in interiors and what better opportunity to incorporate it in your home with Diwali coming up next month?

Diwali surely being the most awaited 5 day festival of light, throws in an excellent opportunity to DIY a diya with a modern twist. It is an amazing DIY- super easy, very cost efficient, customisable, you can make as many as you want and it can also be a great gifting idea. So without waiting let us get started and play around with some cement.

Here’s what you will need:

  1. A plastic container of any shape you like or a mould
  2. Container to mix
  3. Wooden candy sticks or a spoon
  4. Cement 
  5. Tea light candle 
  6. Water 
  7. Gloves
  8. Acrylic paint

Apart from the cement, you are most likely to have rest of the things lying around in your house and so the entire Diwali DIY would just costed less than 100 INR / $2.


Step 1: Firstly, wear your gloves and make sure everything is kept at your reach to make it hassle free.

Step 2: In container mix some cement and water. Here I am using a restaurant takeaway container, making the best use out of waste. In addition, quantity of cement and water depends on the size of your mould, so start by adding little quantity.

Moreover make sure the mixture is not too thick or not too watery. Should be like a cake batter.

Step 3: In parallel grease your mould with some oil and pour in the cement mixture. Here again I am using a small restaurant take away bowl as my mould, I believe in reusing plastic as much as I can.

Step 4: Next, lightly tap your mould container onto the work surface to remove any bubbles.

Step 5: Moving on, grease the bottom of tea light candle with oil and place it in the centre of the mould.

Step 6: All done, place it in a sunny spot and allow it to dry completely.

Time taken for the cement to dry and harden depends on your climatic conditions of your geographical location, mine took 48 hours.

Step 7: Once hardened, take your diya/ tea light holder out of the mould.

Step 8: You can leave it just the way it is, raw and rough or you can sandpaper polish the top to smoothen it out. ( I didn’t sandpaper polish mine)

Step 9: Lastly. Decorate it. Paint it. Done!

Style your home with it

Apart from lighting your home with it for Diwali, it can be used through out the year as a candle holder as well. In tandem, this DIY industrial candle holder can be a very pretty addition to your dining table, living room, bathroom vanity or bed side table. Plus, a candle light adds calm, romantic atmosphere to any room or occasion. So do try making these and light up your next dinner party with a collection of these gorgeous candle holders or decorate your bedside table.

Gift it to your friends and family

Who doesn’t love a thoughtful handmade gift? Gifts not necessarily should be expensive but rather full of love. With that being said, this Diwali make these cute little modern industrial diya and give it your love ones with a small note. I am sure it will bring a smile on their face.

Lastly, if you try this Modern Industrial Diya DIY, don’t forget to send a picture of it to me. I would love to see your creative creation. Also, feel free to comment below your views on this Modern Industrial Diya. Happy day!

Prajakta Shinde

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  1. Prajakta as it was expected your this blog is also full of creative ideas and positive energy. πŸ’―.
    Simple. Easy to do and useful for all occasions

  2. Prajakta it’s really good to see your unique ideas . I will try this. If we entrapped air in the cement mould it will make it lighter I think .

  3. As always Prajakta you come up with some such important and beautiful ideas and so much of meaning full that it feels very energetic and enthusiastic. You have paid so much of attention for every smallest care to be taken marvellous keep it up and fill us with this energy always

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